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The first plan, Pay-as-you-go support features the per-activity support, thus being the least costing and the most suitable for SMBs, who either have a small infrastructure and task numbers to be taken care of, or already have somebody covering 90% of the IT support and need somebody to help with those specific 10% (numbers may differ, naturally). Within this plan, payments will be made on the per-hour basis for receiving qualified Tier 2-3 support. SLA and response time should be agreed separately for the covered number of cases/situations.

Pay-as-you-go support would be most suitable for periodic maintenance and troubleshooting of:

  • IT infrastructure – MS AD, Azure, Rackspace, AWS Amazon, Openstack
  • Collaboration and communication SW – Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Office 365 etc
  • PC/Laptop/Printer/IP-phone/other office or BYOD equipment