In terms of science, there are 2 important things, happening at this very moment — aging and innovation. Both are inseparable, being the 2 opposites just like the yin-yang symbol — one cannot exist without the other, being the driving factor for progress in every professional area.

An old proverb exists– ‘If you stop progressing, you start regressing’ — especially true to any business, which should always evolve, or it will be outrivaled. Nowadays, every business is heavily IT-based, relying it’s

core functions, like production or client-managing, on various technologies and infrastructures. This is whykeeping them effective and up-to-date often becomes equal to progressing your business in the right direction. And that’s the part which we are very good at.

Verna engineers have lots of hands-on experience in different integration projects (as the company’s first occupation was IT-integration), covering a number of major categories:

  • Upgrading the old equipment, consolidating the old infrastructure into the new efficient form
  • Designing and building different IT architectures from scratch, helping to merge the existing entities together
  • Integrating the new services/technologies within the existing infrastructure and managing the service co-existence