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For many companies electronic security has become one of their primary concerns. We offer a comprehensive set of security services to fortress your IT infrastructure.

IT Security


DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
DLPs are systems that prevent the disclosure of confidential information to anyone outside the company through any channels. DLP solutions prevent unauthorized use (copying, changing, etc.) and movement (shipment, transfer outside the organization, re-saving in other directory, etc.) of confidential information through controlling emails, FTP connections, ICQ, MSN, AOL, documents printing onto a printer, USB, CD / DVD, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc

IT Security Outsourcing

VERNA is IT outsourcing company, offering a comprehensive set of information security services to protect your IT infrastructure.

Information Security Strategy

With the IT infrastructure and data being such critical assets to any company, securing them has to be part of the overall company strategy. We’ll provide the expert consulting you need to construct an IT security strategy that fits your needs, budgets, and protection level. In addition, we’ll create a flexible security strategy so that, if you need to change or increase your security later, you can do so quickly and cost-effectively.

Implementation of a comprehensive corporate antivirus system ensures:
Control of all possible virus channels – email, network protocols allowed to interact with the Internet (HTTP, FTP)
Protection against various types of threats – viruses, network and email “worms”, “Trojan horses”, unwanted programs (spyware, adware, etc.)
Continuous anti-virus monitoring and regular anti-virus scan of all servers and workstations
Automatic notification of viruses “enfection” and “treatment”
Protection of mobile devices, etc.
Phishing Scams

Compliance & risk assessment (IT security audit)

Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides integration of all protective and organizational measures into a single managed operation that responds to real threats in real time and secures all your information throughout the enterprise.

Information Security Audit

An Information Security Audit is comprehensive-we look at everything to ensure you know the exact status of your security across your entire company or within a specific department. This enables you to make fact-based decisions on whether you need to increase your levels and, if so, how to do so most effectively. An audit may be performed for the company, for individual critical areas, business processes, or specific information systems.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
Firewall/VPN (Firewall/Virtual Private Network)
Web/URL Security Gateway
SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
Data Base Protection