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FPC PCB laser splitter

Time: 2019-05-24 17:51:01

Suzhou Kaisitetek Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the PCB point machine industry, providing high-end quality machines for the electronics industry. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. With years of development, Production experience and strong technical force and production capacity. Long-term dedicated to automation control and programming technicians and sales teams, development of various automated brand automation equipment and non-standard automation equipment and transformation projects of various production lines. Products are mainly used for FPC Soft board laser cutting, PCB circuit board laser cutting, ceramic cutting, fingerprint module laser cutting, camera module laser cutting, FPC cover film cutting, etc.


1. High precision: low drift vibrating mirror and fast non-iron core linear motor system platform combination, maintaining high precision micron weight while cutting fast.

2, easy to learn: self-developed windows-based control software, easy to operate, beautiful interface, powerful, versatile, easy to operate.

3, intelligent automation: the use of high-precision CCD automatic positioning and focusing, fast positioning, no manual intervention, simple operation, to achieve the same mode of one-button, improve production efficiency. The galvanometer is automatically calibrated, auto-focusing, fully automatic, and automatically adjusts the focus to the table height using a laser displacement sensor for quick registration and time saving.

4, suitable for cutting objects: FPC shape, chip, mobile phone camera module.

Blocks, layers, blocks, or selected areas are cut and directly formed, the edges are neatly coordinated, smooth and burr-free, without glue. The product automatically positions the matrix to arrange multiple cuts, making it ideal for fine, difficult and complex pattern cuts.

5, high-performance laser, using international first-line brand solid-state UV laser, good beam quality, small spotlight, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, high slit width, large cutting volume, is the perfect guarantee to ensure cutting quality



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